Video Seminar Live has been a lifesaver for us. During our website development we have needed to communicate with our developers, project managers and marketing people every night.
Video Seminar Live is easy to use and very cost effective. I was up and running in no time and I didn't even have to read a manual! The variety of features are impressive and the real

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Webcam Chat and Video Chat Software
VSL Combines Video and Webcam Software, Allowing Individuals & Businesses to Meet "Face-to-Face" Without Ever Having to Leave Their Home or Office


Keep in touch with your friends, family and business associates via webcam chat or live video chat, among other possibilities. VideoSeminarLive is designed for small businesses that desire easy-to-use and affordable Audio and Video Conferencing.

The video conferencing and webinar system allows up to 1000's of simultaneous attendees and supports REAL TIME, 6 live video and audio feeds. How about a webcam chat or a live video chat? VideoSemnarLive offers the video and webcam software for both. In addition, VideoSemnarLive provides all this functionality bundled at an extremely affordable price.